Saturday, January 31, 2009 we are.....!

we are here...1st day of the convention,running in to old industry heads was great.
headed out on the strip for some sun which vt was lacking due to the winter steez we have going on..i'll get back at you to show y'all the party night at the palms which was off the chain for sure....

headn' 2 vegas 2009...

yeah y'all....super hype on headn' 2 vegas 4 SIA's last year!
the snowboard industries finest in vegas for some all out craziness!! of course josie is with me to be my partner in crime as always....traveling was cool,no drama,just how i like it...few pics of us on the move to the sin city.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Stencil craze...

who needs a stinkn' silkscreen when u can cut a stencil....ha!
finally got our stencil game on heavy...creation is king!!
as u can see i am making a stencil of our fearless leader newly elected 2 office by the people...big up!
change is here,but we gotta give obama a hand...there is no way he can weather the storm alone!!
be easy!
...until next time....