Friday, September 28, 2012

Blakroc x Jay-Z Encore Cootchie (A-Dog Re-fix)

A little refix project i'm putting together. This time around i am keeping it rock style mash up with Blakroc,a project Dame Dash put together with The Black Keys. It featured live playing/production from the famed rock duo...a really good album if none of y'all have heard it. Original rock/hip hop swing with a cast of great known MC's as well as some i hadn't even heard of,the album is called 'Clean' I always felt Jay-Z had a voice and a lyrical style to match well with a number of genres,and when i got a hold of the Blakroc instrumentals he is who i had in mind. So here is the 1 of the refixes i have done that i wanted to share and see what all you soundcloud familia think. thanks to everyone for sharing their music. peace A_