Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Outkast-Rosa Parks (A-Dog Audio/Visual Re-fix)

Outkast-Rosa Parks (A-Dog Audio/Visual Re-fix) from DJ A_DOG on Vimeo.

Keeping it moving with Video re-fixes...1 of my favorite groups from the south that i got turned on to in the 90's...if any1 is an Outkast fan you should check out "SOUTHERPLAYALISTICADILLACMUSIC"
It's 1 of the illest albums in mu opinion!!
Enjoy the re-fix...grab the mixtape it's from:DJ A-DOG 'TRUE SCHOOL VOL.2'

Monday, November 29, 2010

Stowe Mini Shred 1st day..11.28.10

1st day for a few of us on the shred sleds...Stowe mountain sunday mini shred w/Blotto,Jeff,Thomas,Lauryn,myself and special guest from san fran Ramesy!
always a good time...bug up darkside snow shop and piecasso...i need more ranch!!
til next time...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

DJ A-Dog: A Visual Resume...Pt.1

DJ A-Dog:A Visual Resume Pt.1 from DJ A_DOG on Vimeo.

A visual resume video i put together from the past ten years or so on the road as a dj...all fun times and experiences for sure!
from Burton,Higher Ground,Bacardi,Copeland Entertainment,Skullcandy,local residencies in my hometown of Burlington VT.
Not much more to say...watch!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

DJ A-Dog-Run Ghetto Boy Audio/Visual Re-fix

DJ A-Dog-Run Ghetto Boy Audio/Visual Re-fix from dj A_DOG on Vimeo.

Paying homage to 2 of my favorite artists/groups..The Pharcyde & Dr.Dre.
U cannot move 4word if u don't respect the path that was laid down before u...all hail the golden era of hip hop!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

4word Presents: Nastee "Make Rume (RMX)" feat. Malice, Statik Selektah & Bobby Konders

Make Rume Remix
Nastee, A.dog, Malice (Clipse) & Bobby Konders
Music by Statik Selektah

4word and Clipse combine to fight the evil forces of police & snitchez. With help from Bobby Konders (Hot97 NYC) and music by Statik Selektah they go hard on the infiltrators of goodness. Ain't nuthin' wrong with hustlin' to help get yourself and family out the ghetto but a bigger picture must be in sight for it to make sense. FIGHT THE POWER Y'ALL! A new day is dawning...... This episode also contains a trailer to 4word's next release "Stand The Rain" featuring Akrobatik & BURNTmd

Produced and Directed by Nastee

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Subterranean Screwheads Opening Reception

These are the Screwheads. From the sublime and cynical to the notable and notorious, these are the artists, designers, engineers, and riders who worked for a full year to create the Burton 2011 snowboard collection. Subterranean Screwheads tells their story, going underground and undercover to reveal the voices, personalities, and soul behind the JDK Design and Burton Snowboards creative process.

Subterranean Screwheads Opening Reception
JDK Gallery, 47 Maple Street
November 5th, 2010
DJ: A-Dog

Queen City Rail Jam After Party
JDK Gallery, 47 Maple Street
November 6th, 2010
Heloise and the Savoir Faire

*Skate Ramp Open

Sponsors: Burton, Cabot, Scuffer.
For Media Inquiries contact:

Monday, November 1, 2010

4word Presents: "The After Halloween Halloween Special" feat. Term & Statik Selektah

The After Halloween Halloween Special:
starring Nastee & DJ A.Dog
Special Guest: Termanology
Music By Nastee & Statik Selektah

Everybody wants to join a secret society to get on in the rap game. Two wanna be MC's discuss going to the graveyard to join The Foolinatti. Meanwhile A.Dog and Nastee discuss a costume party that they are attending with Termanolgy. Nastee takes a trip to the stars only to crash in the graveyard where the wannabees are performing their Foolinatti ritual. Also included in this episode is a trailer for The Make Rume Remix video which drops November 4th, 2010. Remixed by Statik Selectah and featuring Malice from The Clipse.

for more info hit up:

4word Mixshow Trailer