Wednesday, July 25, 2012

DJ A-Dog-Wednesday Workout (7/25/12)

DJ A-Dog-Wednesday Workout (7/25/12) from DJ A_DOG on Vimeo.

DJ A-Dog-Wednesday Workout (7/25/12)

DJ A-Dog x The Pharcyde 'A Re-fixed Ryde' Side A (stream)

Been a crazy fan of The Pharcyde from the 1st time i heard 'Bizaare Ride'. Their almost non-traditional west coast rhymes and vibes had me convinced they were east coast. Either way they were dope! Of course once i got my hand on enough acapellas it was time for a short tribute mix to one of the groups that got me thru high school in the 90's.
So here it is a mix of Pharcyde over classic beats and some guest on their originals,classic refix style. Other Cats on this mix:Nas,AZ,Ludacris,Audio Two,Eric B,Beatnuts,Big Pun,Jay-Z,Kool Keith,Biggie,2Pac,Big L.
Remixes by:DJ A-Dog

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A-Dog Wednesday Work-out (RufusThomas)

A-Dog Wednesday Work-out (RufusThomas) from DJ A_DOG on Vimeo.

With all the talk about push button djs vs. real dh's…i decided to get my weekly work out on the tables and share with y'all…
hope everyone's having a good summer…keep grindin'!