Thursday, May 20, 2010

Columbia 10 speed remixed...

SOme 1's trash is some 1 elses treasure...cruising home on a lincoln VT dirt road toward burlington in the dark,we come upon a free pile of things...backing the car up we find...old style suitcase turntables and 2 vintage bikes.a female stepover Schwinn and a male Columbia.Not in so bad shape,a little TLC and i flipped it into a road hybrid of some sort.Big thanks to ROYAL CYCLES for getting it on the road the very next day! also shouting out Northstar,Old Spokes Home & The Ski Rack for your help as well.
Here's some flicks of how i got my custom game on! classic!! turned a 10 speed from the 70's into a cruiser/road bike...already tested it out o the causewa the last 2 days and we rolln' fine.had to get pedals,brake pads,levers,brake lines (colored),painted the brakes (spray),tires & tubes,grips and a super good scrub down. and this is what a little work can get ya...!
P.S. the phot above is just a reference to what i think this original bike looked like in it's heyday...loking around online there is a funny history surrounding Colubia bikes...they clam to be Americas first bicycle...who knows?
i'm gonna look around.