Saturday, February 28, 2009

K-Salaam @ Metronome

had a blast last night rocking with K-Salaam @ club metronome!
had a nice crew to chill and get my groove on with...i was really into rocking my set as well...i guess i'm motivated by some1 who inspires me.
if u haven't got it yet,u should go get 'The World is Ours' by K-Salaam & Beatnick.
it is an incredible album,production is crazy,line up of artists and cuts are insane as also comes with a dvd that shows K going and talking to the artists that were a part of this project...sizzla,buju banton,capleton,anthony b,trey songs,saigon,papoose,dead prez to name a few...strictly fiyah!! seen!!
be easy!


...always customizing my stuff so i won't lose it.
i guess i just like it lookin a little different,just sharing my cut & paste style with y'all.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Throwback Friday Mixtape's some 2005 mixtape bizness 4 your earpiece. been converting all my discs so i am able to share them with y'all.
hope u enjoy this 1.
download link @ the bottom.
be easy!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

George Clinton & The Parliment Funkadelic

the Funkadelic still doin it after all these years,George clinton still on top of his game.
did a lil' opening for the def jux crew P.O.S. in the small room @ higher ground with Nastee, Funkadelic was next door.
josie breezed up and met me and we had a nice evening of grooving...big thanks to foeshel and the rest of the higher ground crew for always making us feel at home.
til next easy!


Thievery Corporation @ The metropolis in Montreal on sunday was a was horrible,but we made it there and back in 1 piece.
couple serious setback with some of our crew but at showtime we were all 2gether. had the pleasure of eating at an Ethiopian restaurant while we were in canada...really good food and experience.
the show was incredible,unfortunately we missed a good portion because of our late arrival due to weather but all and all it was a good time.
we stopped thru a small club that had some good djs to have 1 more drink and get our groove on steady and then we were off to tackle the ride home.
big thanks to my crew for making that sunday a memorable 1...josie,rebekka,brian-eye,stavros,lisa,tricky pat,shannon,franchise and kimberly in spirit.
be easy!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Feisty Ink/B Scene online post...!

Big up to my man Ben Sarle @ B Scene for coming thru and blessing us with his skill...these photos look dope.he really captured the vibe of the night.
til next easy!
for info on Josies work u can contact her at