Thursday, September 29, 2011

Beats,Rhymes & Life...Finally

Pirates 'Bottom Line' intro Tribe Cuts by DJ A-Dog

Intro to The Pirates tape i keep trying to push on every1.
Wanted to show love to 1 of the greatest hip hop groups of all time...A Tribe Called Quest! Here in little Burlington VT we are the last 1's to see the documentary...big thanks to Merrills Roxy for bringing it here before i had to buy it on DVD.I think the caliber of that group deserves a theatre style setting for their story!
It was dope! Big up Michael Rappaport for having the passion for putting this together.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Innsbruck Austria Flicks pt.1

1 & 2:EWR Intl. Airport,Newark New Jersey
3,4,5: Amsterdam Airport
6.Paul Popp
7.DJ Silver
8,9,10:Innsbruck Austria
11:View from Basti's Crib
12,13:'Bottom Line' Cinema Premier
14:street stroll 2 Pirates Artshow
15-20:Pirate Film Production Office
21,22,23:Archive Pirate Reels w/Flo
24:Innsbruck Fountain
25,26:Premier Party
27:Paul copping smokes
28:post home cooked meal w/crew checking vids (Basti & Flo's crib)
29,30:Basti & Flo's crib the morning i left,they live high up on the mountain and this is what i woke to on the day i left.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pirate Films 'Bottom Line' Premier Party 2011

Pirate Films 'Bottom Line' Premier Party 2011
Big thanks 2 the Pirate Crew for showing me so much hospitality! Super hype to have Blotto there as well to let me know moments are quick,so enjoy while you can!
I hope to return to Innsbruck Austria in the near future,it was a blast.
additional filming Dean 'Blotto' Gray
if you are digging the remix in the video,here ya go...!
Busta-Dangerous(A-Dog chops refix) by DJ A-Dog

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Road 2 Innsbruck pt.2...

Travel style vid to Innsbruck Austria via NYC/Jersey...Pirate Snowboard Films 'Bottom Line' Premier party video coming soon...
Peep the flicks from the party HERE

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

DJ A-Dog x Pirate Films 'Bottom Line' Mixtape

Mixtape is done,bags are packed...heading to Innsbruck Austria for Pirate Snowboard Films 'Bottom Line' World Premier!
It's an Honor to be asked to be a part of this years video premier! In regular fashion i had to construct something special for my 1st Euro trip.Really hype on how this 1 turned out.
Take a listen and let me know what u feeling...!
Pics and video next week after the jump off!

Hoptronica 5.0


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Summer Wrap Up Vermont (photos) Pt.2

-Advance Music (Burlington VT)
-Furchgott Sourdiffe Gallery (Charlotte VT)
-B-Day Cake (Daily Planet)
-Waterfront Sk8park (Burlington)
-Magic Hat Brewery (Shelburne VT)
-Raise the Gnar artshow (Maglienaro/JDK
-front porch rainbows (Burlington VT)
-Erin (Burlington VT)
-Amanda (farmers Market-burlington)
-Calvin (farmers Market-burlington)
-Jason Woo (battery Park)
-Northern lights Cruise (Lake Champlain VT)