Saturday, September 14, 2013

DJ A-Dog presents:2 Years Ago (Various Artists)

Various Artists - 2 Years Ago Hosted by DJ A-D0G. Continuing with the chat about what i consider hip hop, and the new music that has taken it's name sometime that i think should be labeled different.Based on lyrics,content,beats etc. Sharing with Friends For A-Dog this is another example of what i grew up listening to and felt is worthy of carrying that name. Here's a clean mix of some favorites of mine..."2 years ago,a friend of mine...asked me to say some MC rhymes.So i said this rhyme,that i had to say,the rhyme was def,and it went this way...jay chopped the record down to the bone..." -RUN DMC Get's a good time! And there's a ton of music to listen to once you get diggin'! happy Saturday! peace,love & hip hop! A_ cover: Steez (classics)

DJ A-Dog x Living Proof Mag presents: Tru Skool (Various Artists)

Friends For A-Dog I replied to a comment that my dude Luis Calderin posted as #oldmanning on the hip hop nowadays... i replied w/plenty to say since i feel the same way. Wanted 2 share what i classify as hip hop and what we grew up on,as well as some of the groups since i feel i live in this time still. Big shouts to NG at [ 2 one 5 ] Creative & Living Proof for putting this out together to show example of what we feel True Skool is. Mixed & blended by DJ A-D0G. Here's my reply to his comment,and i have some other throwback mixes to share also...stay tuned: *hip hop opinion* Luis Calderin I can agree...that's why when I DJ I play music. They should call what I think u r speaking of rap or come up with a new name since it is a new sound. Hop hop should be the same,and can't be changed...the days of Krs-1,A Tribe called quest,De la soul,Run dmc,Public enemy etc....the list of mine goes on that I can name and file as hip hop in my definition. Lyrics that I could relate to even tho I wasn't from NYC or some big city...we might just need to come up with a new genre name for what they call hip hop...the new 'music' has nothing motivating to talk about,undanceable beats,lower tempos that u could almost speak over and not consider rhyming...big budgets to make the music tho,as well as backing by sponsors! I miss the sampling of rare beats and grooves which made me learn about funk and soul groups that I have never heard of...I could go on and on,maybe we music seminar so we can all learn old and new. Way to open up the same but great topic! #oldmanning Peace A_

Thursday, September 12, 2013