Friday, March 16, 2012

Burton U.S. Open 2012-Stratton VT 30th Anniversary

A weekend re-cap of the 30th year of the Burton U.S. Open at Stratton Mtn. Good weather,great riding from all the competitors & super fun times in the Insta-Pop-Up room. Dominoes,Redman & Method man...The Good Life if u know what i mean.
Big shouts go out to Burton,Stratton,Status,Blotto,Tomas,The Chop Shop,Dose & Network A,Bonjour Hi as well as Warda for making it all happen.Thanks for having me...enjoy the weekend from my POV.
see ya next year!

Edit & Soundtrack:A-Dog
A-Dog x U.S. Open 2012 Mix Download

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Indaba Music-K'naan f.Nas'Nothing 2 lose' Remix comp. entry

Dose On Network A-U.S. Open Top 5's

Tim Brodhagen returns from the 30th anniversary of the Burton U.S Open snowboard contest at Stratton Mountain with a rundown of his top five moments from the weekend. More than a contest, this year's US Open was an event-filled celebration of 30 years of snowboarding history.

Friday, March 9, 2012

A-Dog x Burton U.S. Open 'Mash-Down' 2012

The Burton U.S. Open is an event that i have been going to for many years,it then became an event i djed at annually.Burton has been savior into having a week long contest that ends with a weekend of finals and crazy after parties with entertainment of all kinds.Rocking some on snow events and opening for Red & Meth on saturday,should be crazy!
The snowboard crowd is a diverse one which enjoys all genres of's a 'Mash-Down' Mix for all y'all with some tunes i've been diggin....enjoy!
Big Up Burton everytime!

Red & Meth @ The U.S. Open 2012

30th anniversary of The Burton U.S. Open at Stratton Mtn.
Rocking some on snow events...Friday night djing for The Washed Up Cup,Saturday the post halfpipe awards and super hype to be opening for Method Man & Redman.
Should be an exciting weekend,hope to see y'all.