Monday, February 11, 2008

*Sunday @ the Mountain...*

*It was a Nice way to end the weekend with some shredding at the mountain...out of the blue it started dumping,which made for some insane runs. me and russ were all over the place having a blast.
we were up at stowe bright and early because we had a halfpipe contest to dj for over at spruce but it wasn't until 11 so we got like 7 runs in.after getting all the equipment set up and going the snow began to accumulate rathe quickly and the wind started up a bunch...snow was getting all over the audio equipment to the point where we had to pull the sound to avoid damage to our stuff. so we bounced to find out there was an accident and the traffic was backed up quite a bit which had us waiting 45 minutes or so...all good tho i was exhausted from saturdays 2 gigs and only 3 and a half hours of sleep. but we capped it all off with an ill meal at the shed!
sometimes i fit a lot of content in 1 weekend...good times!

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