Saturday, March 1, 2008

*Big up to the LAB and Red Bull 4 bringing Babu thru...*

If yall missed last night i feel 4 ya...the lab & red bull brought babu,killa jewel & manna thru 4 a demo on djing and beatmaking followed by an afterparty that we all rocked.
was an ill experience overall...real inspiring words from babu followed by a demo of both.later that night straine,manna,killa jewel thru down and killed their sets as always followed by babu wrecking it beat junkie style.playn mad classic & underground hip hop 4 the heads...what was hype was how stoked every1 was by the records we all threw down. i'm talking naughty by nature,cypress hill,gangstarr,run dmc,dilated,beatnuts,eric b just to name some.
in closing, i'm proud of my young crew over at the lab that are doing what their doing to bring our culture to the youths,and 4 having me be a part of it as well.
peace y'all!

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