Saturday, April 5, 2008

*Doin It Big On Friday...!*

*whooo...big friday 4 the kid!! after takn some hours in the early afternoon 4 some much needed rest we were off to soundcheck for the Wyclef show. was all good,st. mikes was very helpful makn sure that we were taken care of.
but we were back there by 7thirty to cool out and get things ready for the 8:05 we hit and had a good 900+ kids ready for some hip hop.and we gave it to them,the whole crew was there reppn The VT Union in full force,big up to Nastee,Dakota,Be Free,SIN,Mecca,Nyt,Caroline and had em crazy with some breakn/crumpn while we performed.
soon as we were done Wyclef came out and hit us with some piano bizness and some words of wisdom thru song to get things started and then he blew the roof off the mothersucker.
then i was off to the 90's night party which was hittn',fattie,russ and ZJ held the decks down switching on & off throughout the night,at 2 a.m. i fled the scene on some solo-ness to rest my head...good friday for hip hop tho.til next easy!

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