Monday, July 21, 2008

*In The Mix as Always...!

*yeah y'all...back at it with some new ish 4 your earpiece!!
gettn ready 2 do some big things this fall so i'm droppin' some flavor 4 y'all b4 the summer ends.
WELL BLENDED is my joint that's all remixes that i cooked by every1...SOULTEMPO is just how it sounds,some nice 70's-80's funk and soul for that azz!
this is the joint u put in when u get back from the club with that shorty your'e feelin...
i will make these available 4 download soon enough,4 now u can contact me 1 of the many ways and we'll find a way to get these in your hands.
as 4 the graphics..big thanks 2 my man SAC 4 coming thru and blessing me with his time and talent. (
til' next time...holla!

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djrussell said...

$hiattt............. !@#$%^&*()_
!@#$%^& @#$%^&*( wtf's good Get @ me