Sunday, August 10, 2008

*Burton Summer Sale...!*

*The good 'ol Burton summer sale '08...people from far and wide travel to VT to get at some quality products for a discounted rate.Burton does it big every year,it was like a carnival at the Burton compound...inflateable attractions for every1,b-ball hoop for when u feel your game is up to dj's(yours truly & Dj Russell).food and ice cream vendors on site.lil adult beverages on the low to keep us sane thru the chaos.all and all a good time as it is every's some flicks from friday nite was a swayze 1 so no camera action on saturday...these explain it all.
oh lil vid of 1 of the games that went down...2 young customers VS. Burton female relay team...til next time.
be easy!

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