Thursday, October 16, 2008


*What can i say about this collection of a time of streetwear collaborations being the in thing,FEISTY INC. flips it all around by taking current lines and customizing them to a level not seen b4!!
4 all u ladies out there that are bored with the graphics from guys clothing lines that take a crack at making a few womens t's and calling it their ladies line,when most of the women i've met would rather wear the mens graphics but sizing is an issue....that shit is over.
josie remixes the shit out of mens t's and makes remarkable alterations so u have a 1 of kind garment sized to fit u perfectly.
i might be bias but i don't know any1 that has taken it to this level.
She is an amazing artist!! she currently has a show in THE HALF LOUNGE thru the end of the month that has been creating quite a buzz on the little streets of burlington which is well deserved.
as u can see from the photos,her art is sometimes featured on the remixed clothing at times.
i guess my closing statement is...we have been waiting for some new creative spice like this that is out of the norm...if u have a chance to meet her and take a look at all the work she has done or is doing u will be completely blown away...! and their is an amazing personality to go with all of it as well.
big thanks to fran & kimberly for all their hard work with making this lookbook possible!!
oh...all the backgrounds of the photos are samples of her artwork!! (click on the photo 4 a close-up)
freshness at it's finest!!
til next easy!

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