Monday, March 9, 2009

Business Trip 2 MONTREAL...

BOOM! headed up to montreal with josie to meet my man Chris Nunez (Miami Ink) to check out their new bar Love/Hate...was really good to meet up with chris...he's a official dude for sure!
cruised around the city and checked some graph out...grabbed some coffee and checked out the bar and met sarah who is also an owner...its super fresh,nice size with a terrace 4 the's located in old montreal with china town in walking distance...actually grabbed some dinner with all of them at this Vietnamese spot and talked about the future of DJ A_D0G becoming a resident DJ at Love/Hate.really successful trip.
y'all might have to make the trip to check your boy at his new residency...i will keep u updated.
be easy!

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Stavros said...

Andy, I'm 100% down for going when you play, so make sure you call me!