Tuesday, August 4, 2009

...all moved in and back in effect...!

ka-boom....since i've been back from portland oregon doin my thing for nike 6.0....been moving into our new apartment and getting settled in nicely...feelin the vibes over in this part of town!
little random quadcam photo gallery of the past week or so...me & nastee djing @ Breakwaters,Craig G at our true school wednesdays,new crib pics,red square action and much more....holla atcha soon!
be easy!

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Aaron said...

A-Dog - Came across your page through Dj Deals.....looking for some dubstep mixes. Anyway good to see you still going at it. You probably dont remeber but you dj'd at my house like 10 years ago in Jeffersonville, VT (Pimp and Hoe Party). I'm gonna check out your site links, and mixes. Good shit man, keep it up. You coming to Cleveland anytime?