Thursday, February 10, 2011

A-Dog presents:B.I.G.-Time (The Reggae Fixed Tape) coming soon...

A-Dog presents:B.I.G.-Time (The Reggae Fixed Tape) from DJ A_DOG on Vimeo.

Project i've had in the works for a year or so now...A Whole mixtape of The Notorious BIG over reggae riddims.This trailer has some snippets of the re-fixes i did on the mix to get y'all ready!
Old,New & classic matierial re-worked & remixed.
A lot of people don't touch on BIG's jamaican family and roots...i am here to let u hear his flow over genre (reggae)that made hip hop what it is today.
Big respect to our DJ Godfather Kool Herc who let us see how it goes down in jamaica and translated it here in the states....which birthed...hip hop!
Mix will be availible March 2011

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