Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Innsbruck Austria Flicks pt.1

1 & 2:EWR Intl. Airport,Newark New Jersey
3,4,5: Amsterdam Airport
6.Paul Popp
7.DJ Silver
8,9,10:Innsbruck Austria
11:View from Basti's Crib
12,13:'Bottom Line' Cinema Premier
14:street stroll 2 Pirates Artshow
15-20:Pirate Film Production Office
21,22,23:Archive Pirate Reels w/Flo
24:Innsbruck Fountain
25,26:Premier Party
27:Paul copping smokes
28:post home cooked meal w/crew checking vids (Basti & Flo's crib)
29,30:Basti & Flo's crib the morning i left,they live high up on the mountain and this is what i woke to on the day i left.

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