Friday, March 16, 2012

Burton U.S. Open 2012-Stratton VT 30th Anniversary

A weekend re-cap of the 30th year of the Burton U.S. Open at Stratton Mtn. Good weather,great riding from all the competitors & super fun times in the Insta-Pop-Up room. Dominoes,Redman & Method man...The Good Life if u know what i mean.
Big shouts go out to Burton,Stratton,Status,Blotto,Tomas,The Chop Shop,Dose & Network A,Bonjour Hi as well as Warda for making it all happen.Thanks for having me...enjoy the weekend from my POV.
see ya next year!

Edit & Soundtrack:A-Dog
A-Dog x U.S. Open 2012 Mix Download

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