Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Thanks 2 Santigold for making amazing Music 'Unstoppable'

DJ A-Dog-Thanks 2 Santigold for making amazing Music 'Unstoppable' from DJ A_DOG on Vimeo.

Thanks 2 Santigold for making amazing Music! Have been a fan of hers since she came on the scene. Also wanted to thank her for shouting me out during her encore performance at the Burton U.S. Open in Vail Colorado this past saturday! She also reached out to me saying she's passing that mantra along to me which has been a savior for her in the past! An amazing woman and artist! Haven't done a small workout video since my life got a little flipped around the past months. Been positively 'Unstoppable' at eating well,juicing and walking to get my strength level up while weathering this storm.Big shout out to my queen Josie and her family as well as my fam...along with my amazing support system from Burlington to all points in between far and wide that have reached out with donations,prayers,vibes and much more then i can fathom. Everyone has made it a ton easier to go thru something like this and i love you all! Feels good to be back on the tables,little shaky,but i will be full steam very soon! All music in this video by Santigold. A_

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