Thursday, September 25, 2008

Minneapolis stand up....!

yeah y'all...1st gig in minneapolis was hype.feels refreshing to rock the kinda tunes i wanna rock and have the crowd feel it fully.sound system and equipment was all dialed and perfect,the bacardi crew was more than helpful...makn sure i had beverages,rides to and from towels,water...definitely a level i never expected.
little break circle started up and a chance to chill after the club closed with some midwest locals who were cool as hell and realized the midwest is hood as shit....!
lots of chaos and police around,i was chillin' solo waiting for my ride back to the hotel with my bacardi buzz on...all in all a fresh time!
feelin' confident for this saturday...Indianapolis,Indiana with my man mike.check back for the details.
be easy! left u with 1 of my newest beats to rock to...peace!

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