Saturday, July 4, 2009

NIKE 6.0 Migration mixtape '09

Yes y'all....i am heading to do a couple gigs for Nike 6.0 out in Portland Oregon this coming week!
super stoked on this opportunity!
big thanks go out to my man Dave Driscoll for making this happen...iit's gonna be a blast...skateboarding,partying,djing...all my favorites wrapped into 1 trip!!
gonna also get to re-connect with my crew that used to live in burlington years ago as well...colona & bose...i'm coming for ya....should be epic to say the least. i haven't even gotten on the road yet and Nike has been taking insane care of me already.
so here is the leak of the disc i made specifically for this event. NIKE 6.0 MIGRATION MIX CD.It is a mix of what i consider to be different style of music migrated 2gether...hope u all enjoy it.
if u are feeling it,pass my blog adress along and share it with world!!
til next easy!


Stavros said...

...and how do we hear it??

Stavros said...

I figured it out, but it wasn't easy, you should set the font color for links to be different from the regular font color!

Anonymous said...

where can i download this?