Friday, July 10, 2009

Portland Oregon day 1....!

Yes y'all...rolling to Portland Oregon for a few days to rock the Nike Migration event for my man dave driscoll....super early outta burlington,nice flying weather...quick stop in chicago and i'm there.
haven't been to the west coast in a minute so i'm super hype!
get there safely and get greeted with style with a nike sign at the airport and some1 to greet me and escort me to my ride to the hotel...super official,nike's got it like that.
check in my spot with a lil help from terry who also works for the company...and i'm off to connect with my man bowes.
checked his fresh house and family (allison & austin)...had a great burger and salad and good times with some blends and beers and headed back into town to get some rest for the event the next day...really nice welcome to portland.

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