Monday, January 28, 2013


Big thanks to my homie Z-TRIP who i've had the pleasure of knowing for over a decade in our Gravis days together (big up Luis Calderin).As well as having the honor to open up and share the turntables during a few parties together.He is and has been 1 of the inspirations to my dj style,and i can't even fathom that he's showing so much love and gonna headline mt benefit at HIGHER GROUND.You can check with them for updates and more information on the evening. Also have to shoutout BURTON SNOWBOARDS for everything they have done and are doing for this show also. I could go on for days thanking everyone for their help and support,but that would be it's own I am blessed to have friends and a community like the one i have. one love! I'll be back on the block soon! DJ A-Dog
There are few DJs that work as hard as Zach Sciacca aka Z‑Trip. On the road or in the studio. In front of thousands of fans or alone on the side of a mountain, Zach is always working at his craft and trying to be the best he can be. His passion is music, no matter what the style. Always trying to innovate and find new ways of blending tracks and constructing sets. It's this passion and dedication that has led him to become one of the worlds premier DJs. "I'm constantly living on no sleep. I'm constantly living on deadlines. I'm also constantly trying to outdo my shows and myself, get better and pay attention to what's coming in. There's a lot of processing. "I wake up every morning ready to go on some, whats next? What can I do? How can I learn? How can I absorb?" Rather than on stage, in the heat of the moment, it's the time away from the spotlight where Z‑Trip finds his inspiration. SERATO ICON

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