Sunday, February 3, 2013

A-Dog x Full Sail x Visionary 16mm Crew

A-DOG x Full Sail (Visionary 16mm Crew) from DJ A_DOG on Vimeo.

It was in the works for me to go Full Sail University in Florida sometime in 2012 to speak about inspiration on how i make my mix tapes and remixes. It was set up thru a friend of mine (Nate Hayward) who was giving those mixes to Bekha Lee (video set design instructor) at Full Sail. Long story short...when Bekha's students start working on set designs everyday the are asked what they choose to listen to...7 outta 10 times (her words) they want to listen to a mix of mine while they work! Which is why we were trying to make it happen for me to go down there,speak a bit and maybe dj for them at the school or maybe get a club gig. So things were not able to happen in 2012 and of course i have quite the speed bump to get over for the moment...which is happening gracefully! But the crew at Full Sail (Visionary 16mm Crew) got wind of my situation and sent me a T-shirt signed by the whole class and this video they made for me. Talk about uplifting! I inspired them to work...they inspire me to get better and keep the music coming to them! It's all 360. Just really wanted to share this with everyone.Thanks you to (Visionary 16mm Crew) and Bekhah Lee at Full Sail University! I will be down there soon to rock with y'all...much love! A-Dog Mixes Available for download: BANDCAMP MIXCLOUD SOUNDCLOUD

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