Tuesday, January 15, 2008

*Mi Yard @ Nectars....pt.2*

*Sup y'all...got invited to rock with Big Dog at Nectars last night for MI_YARD again. 1nce again it was a blast and i thank every 1 for comn' thru to vibe out with us!!
We had a special guest in the building that was way under the radar...our man Timmy was here 4 a visit to do some work at BURTON with Greg Dachashyn. 4 all of u that don't know...tim is FUTURAS son. big up to FUTURA for all his work throughout the years...a master with the spray paint can and a pioneer of the graffiti movement from the jump.also our man DEMUS will be returning to the decks to hit y'all with style of reggae like he always does,he's been out of commision for a few weeks...but he's back stronger then ever...respect!
but thanks again and i'll see you on the block as always....!

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