Saturday, January 19, 2008

*Takn' care of BiZnEsS...*

*Yo i'm back...was a little under the weather for a few days. but that didn't stop the kid from getn' his Las Vegas ish 2gether! here's a few flicks of it getn' handled. i always have a new mix or 2 to bless people with, i've been going to SIA (snowboard tradeshow) for like 6 consecutive years now,big thanks 2 BURTON SNOWBOARDS for wanting me to be a part of how they are represented! i always have a blast and get to network my ass off as well. and it's kind of expected of me to have new ish blended up 4 the masses 2 bump.My man Russ will joining me on this journey again as well. well holla at me and i'll try and flow u 1 these new joints...and big up to Francise for comn' thru with the design as well. he was workn' with my timeframe which was very helpful...peace y'all!

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