Tuesday, January 8, 2008

*Yes Yes Y'all....

*My man Nick @ 2ONE5 (Philly) showed me some love recently...they do some ill work over there.they also got a mag jumpin' off as well (LIVING PROOF),i cooked up an old school hip hop mix for the premier issue.i got a few left if u holla at me we can see if we can get u 1. super dope! the link 4 thier site is over on the left with the others,u should peep it 4 sure.

*Sup y'all...like spring here in burlington...like 50 degrees 2day.i hit my man rob from hypebeast wit some cds recently and he posted some links on his blog. u should check it... i put the link up.

*Here's a blend i cooked up 4 yall from our girl Aaliyah (R.I.P.). enjoy!
be easy!

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