Tuesday, November 4, 2008

*Flicks from Bacardi West Virginia...!

*yeah y'all...these bacardi gigs keep getting better as they go...seems so far out of the 4 that i am doing this 3rd one was the best...crowd was big and into everything we were playing,peeps still in halloween costumes since it fell on a friday this year.
club system was banging,people smokin' shit in the club...every1 was crazy trashed tho,don't know people make it thru college in morgantown if thats the way they get down every weekend!!
real good response for my set...i had to play longer cuz Mike was coming from a Beastie Boy gig in minnesota that was promoting voting around the u.s.
homeboy had 2 get a private chartered plane to make the gig in west virginia...u can see the pics from when me and brian brought him back to the plane which was waiting 4 him while he was playing...thats doin' it big!!
thought i was big with just the limo...but.......u know.
well 1 more to go this thursday...me and mike in AUSTIN,TEXAS....and josie is rolling with me which will be epic as hell and i think dianne (mikes wife) is rolling to this 1 as well...til next time!!
be easy!

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