Saturday, November 1, 2008

Me & Mixmaster Mike in West Virginia...!

Whats good y'all...after a hazy evening of halloween activities i am @ the airport chillin' on my way to re-connect with my man Mixmaster Mike and the rest of the Bacardi crew...super hype! Don't really know whats poppin' with west virginia but i guess w'ell see...!
couple flicks of us at the Green Room rocking out...did a 2 hour dj set there and proceeded to hitting the town with my queen to set the red square floor on fire and say what up to my man Nastee who holds it down thoroughly...good looks on the beats to shake our ass to!!
all in all i am excited and blessed to have this opportunity...! and even with being a little tired and hungover i feel great!! i had the hottest night in the world (thank you JFS)!
well...until next easy!

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