Wednesday, November 12, 2008

*Mash Up show on the Radio...?

*Mash up show on the BUZZ (99.9 f.m.)...WTF?
your boys doing it again...we got our foot in the door at an alternative rock station and starting creating rock/hip hop mash ups specifically 4 each show.
it's on every week at 10 p.m. eastern time (Friday) runs 4 an hour.
check it out if u got a minute...b4 you go out and get crazy.
holla at us if u tune in @ (877).893.2899 You can also stream it live on the website Left u a few joints we cooked up so u can here what we have going here...enjoy!
til next easy!


Stavros said...


Sara said...

Love the Mash Up show but unfortunatly, I listen it at work and the morons I'm working with prefer other boring radio stations that play the Pussycat bitches and other 'wonderful' singers like that 24/7!!

Keep up the good work for the lucky ones that can enjoy listening to the Buzz on Friday nights...